I’ve always loved reading: sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, the classics, short stories, detective novels, contemporary fiction, even academic works. A few years ago I decided to do something with my passion for words and stories, and all the life stuff one invariably accumulates — in short, to write.

In 2013 I began writing flash and short stories, often science fiction and fantasy. I’m thrilled that some of the stories were published in print/ebook anthologies and online. (You can find more about these stories under Books/Short Stories.) In 2020, I was Runner Up in the Lincoln Book Festival competition.

But all along a bigger story kept intruding, growing from a short story assignment I submitted for an Open University course in 2015. Eventually it pushed out the short fiction.

That story grew into what is now the first of a series of historical mystery novels. Coronavirus and lockdown gave me the impetus to finish The Governor’s Man. Now published in 2021 by Sharpe Books, the first book follows 3rd century Roman investigator Quintus Valerius and his British sidekick Tiro, as they track down fraud, murder and rebellion across the West Country. Governor’s Man #2 will take my heroes further afield, where Tiro will learn that while Londinium might not be as magnificent as Rome, it is still his home.

When not writing, I read as much as I can, walk the Malvern Hills and ride our Triumph Tiger with my husband (followed by the mandatory visit to a teashop or pub afterwards).

I hope you enjoy The Governor’s Man series, and my short fiction (still available — see hyperlinks in the menus). If by any chance you’re a fellow biker, you might like to try our biking travel blog too.

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