If you love Tudor historical fiction you’ll need no introduction to the books of Tony Riches. But you may not know that he is also a very popular blogger, with over a million visitors and counting. So you can imagine how delighted I was when Tony asked me to be a guest today on his blog, The Writing Desk .

So there I am on Tony’s blog, talking about the inspiration for my newly-published Roman mystery The Governor’s Man and how I went about researching the book. If you’ve already read my book, you might have guessed the real-life facts I stumbled over that propelled me into the world of third century Roman Britain. No spoilers here! I don’t think I’ve given away any plot twists or clues in my blog for Tony either, but I do reveal some of my sources. (Including a very muddy field in Somerset.)

I hope you enjoy the blogpost, and while you’re there, check out Tony’s books too. You’ll find there’s a lot more to the Tudors than just Henry VIII and his children.

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