Or maybe … Murder DownUnder/Death in the South Pacific.

If you’re following our latest travel blog, PeteandJacDownUnder, you’ll know we’re currently on holiday in New Zealand. We’re combining seeing dearly-missed family with a trip we’ve promised ourselves for many years.

Yesterday we arrived in Napier on the North Island. This town was obliterated by an earthquake in 1931, and fortunately for posterity was rebuilt in gorgeous Art Deco and Spanish Mission Revival style. It is the most amazing town, set in a perfect bay and surrounded by volcanic hills. Must be the most remarkable Art Deco gem in the world, caught in crystal in early Thirties’ style, and endlessly remote.

JS in Napier

So, of course, I couldn’t help but be inspired by Napier. I love Agatha Christie, I love Poirot, and I’ve never written a cosy crime before. So what if … I conjured while sitting outside one of Napier’s fab Thirties cafes yesterday … what if a French private investigator – definitely not Belgian – let’s call him Pericles Hulot, and his useless bouncy sidekick, Eastbourne, were to take a South Pacific cruise? And what if they were to chance upon murder, mystery and mayhem in this most Christie-like of settings?

I’m 1200 words in, title still undecided, and no idea where this story is going. I’ll just let drop there’s an Aussie mining magnate, a pretty English émigrée, a worried ship’s captain, and at least one death looming up any time soon. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you want to catch up on our adventures DownUnder, go to our travel blog.

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