Those of you who already know and love the wonderful books of British author Jodi Taylor, including her St Mary’s Chronicles series, will recognise the cheekiness of my title for today’s blog. On Saturday I went to Octavo’s cafe in Cardiff with my lovely daughter-in-law (aspiring children’s author Ariana Carrano), to meet Jodi and hear about her books and writing.

Ari and I were astonished and delighted when Jodi (pictured above with publisher Hazel Cushion of Accent Press) spent nigh on an hour chatting with us as we enjoyed coffee and croissants and relaxed on Octavo’s squashy sofas. Later she addressed a larger group of fans, describing her path to publication, initially independently on Smashwords, and then with Accent Press.

She also shared the secrets of her writing day:

  • write 5-6 hours in bed;
  • eat chocolate;
  • keep a notebook in every room.

It’s a recipe many of us could follow with enjoyment. Sadly most of us won’t then become overnight bestsellers like Jodi, but we can have fun trying.

It’s difficult to believe that the prolific and hugely talented Jodi was first published as recently as 2013. Since then her St Mary’s Chronicles series, in which time-travelling historians get caught up in adventure after adventure, has captivated many thousands of enthusiastic readers. Jodi manages to effortlessly leap genre boundaries, creating a pacy blend of sometimes quite dark adventures shot through with laugh-out-loud humour.

And the exciting news is that since the recent US publication of the seven St Mary’s Chronicles books, Netflix is now keenly involved. I’m really looking forward to seeing Max and her hapless team  in the flesh, on a TV near us soon.

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  1. How exciting!

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