So says the Restoration playwright and poet, William Congreve. Murder (of the fictional variety) is, of course, very dear to my own writing heart. So it’s a great pleasure for me to welcome my guest on this month’s blog, the talented and prolific crime writer Val Penny. We’ll be talking about her latest Hunter Wilson novel Hunter’s Rules. No spoilers – but I have Val’s permission to tell you that this new book, launching on 1 January, starts with a bloody scene that abruptly halts Hunter’s romantic plans with his lady Meera. Hopefully just a temporary pause to love, but murder will out.

Val is a longterm resident of Scotland, despite her lingering American accent. She lives in the south-west, with her husband and two cats. Her loyal readers know her as an assured creator of crime, and an embellishment to the Tartan Noir scene. But there’s more to Val than meets the eye: she’s also a skilled teacher. It was at her course on promotion for authors, at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School, that I first met Val. I blame her for much of what I now know about social media!

Let’s hear a little from Val herself about her writing journey:

” I have been writing and telling stories all my life. But with writing already part of my adult work, I did not create any fiction. After taking early retirement when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I turned to reading. I particularly enjoyed reading crime fiction and thrillers, such as novels by Peter Robinson, Ian Rankin, Linwood Barclay and Kathy Reichs. I started reviewing the books I read on my own blog, and then my long-suffering husband asked me, ‘If you know so much about what makes a good book, why don’t you write one?’ And so Hunter Wilson was born.

I sent the finished manuscript to two publishers, not knowing in my ignorance that publishers only take one or two percent of the manuscripts they receive. I was thrilled that both publishers accepted my debut novel, Hunter’s Chase. I chose Crooked Cat Books. All six Edinburgh Crime Mysteries have been published through their Dark Stroke imprint, as well as my new Jane Renwick Thriller series, which launched with The First Cut in August this year. I still enjoy writing and telling stories, helped by my family, writing friends and particularly colleagues at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School.”

All Val’s books are available on her own website

Other contacts for Val and her work are: Facebook Author page; The Edinburgh Mysteries and Jane Renwick Thrillers Facebook group ; Val’s Book Bundle ; Twitter ; Goodreads ; Amazon Author page ; BookBub author page

Buy Links: Hunter’s Chase; Hunter’s Revenge; Hunter’s Force; Hunter’s Blood; Hunter’s Secret; Hunter’s Rules ; The First Cut ; Dark Scotland

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting me here, Jacquie. It was much appreciated.

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