It’s been a busy couple of months. Last week I sent off the final assignment of my Open University A215 creative writing course, ‘The Bath Curse’ a Romano-British historical fiction story which I hope will get me a good pass. The week before I was kept inspired and frantically writing at an Arvon Foundation short story course at beautiful Totleigh Barton in North Devon. We were very privileged to have as tutors the award-winning short story writer James Lasdun, all the way from NYC, and the exotic and multi-talented Chines writer and filmmaker Xaiolu Guo. Guest speaker was Zoe Lambert. A wonderful five days, and I was immensely encouraged to get very positive feedback from both tutors.

Meanwhile, I’m plugging away at short short and flash stories, submitting to both (paying) magazines and (prize-winning competitions). You can see where the motivation comes from! ‘Last Call for Gate 18’ was short-listed by Allegory ezine, and got an honourable mention in their May edition:

Then my 100 word flash story ‘Left’ was described as “sublime” by Drabble website Didn’t make the final cut out of seven finalists for the current issue, but the editor said some kind things and  asked me to submit a new story soon. Both stories are currently out to other publishers for consideration, and I’ll post links when they do get there.

And I’m currently waiting to hear how sci-fi flash trilogy ‘Two’s Company’ is getting on at They’ve shortlisted the story to the final 10% of current submissions, and tell me I have a 50/50 chance now of publication. Fingers firmly crossed!

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