Today is Monday November 9, which means I have for the past week been one of the half-million writers who have signed up to write a 50,000 word novel this November. For those not in the know (lucky you!), the lunatic endeavour of National Novel Writing MonthPrint takes place every November, encouraging all of us with a novel inside us to just get it all out in a whoosh of a first draft. A fab website with lots of inspiration, webinars and resources for NaNoers supports the scribbling. Even better, famous writers such as the wonderful Diana Gabaldon provide free mentoring tips.

I’m already struggling with the word count, having written only 4400-odd words so far, but at least I have a detailed outline of my story, and several titles to choose from. Take your pick from “The Shapwick Hoard”, “The Girl, the Slave and the Silver”, or “My Dreadful First Novel”.  In case you’re wondering, the silver is real, consisting of a big pot of Roman denarii currently on display at Somerset Museum. The villa at Shapwick in the Somerset Levels is also real, albeit re-buried under a lot of mud after archeological digs in the early 2000s. All the characters are entirely fictional, including the two gods who have so far signed up to join the cast. (Only they think they are real.)

Watch here for more bulletins as I struggle through the mud, blood and adventures of third century Britannia with my heroes, Aurelia and Túathal. Only 45,600 words to go …

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  1. Wishing you oodles of inspiration for the next 45600 words!

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