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Death in New Zealand

Or maybe … Murder DownUnder/Death in the South Pacific. If you’re following our latest travel blog, PeteandJacDownUnder, you’ll know we’re currently on holiday in New Zealand. We’re combining seeing dearly-missed family with a trip we’ve promised ourselves for many years.

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Book Review: Death and the Dreadnought

Death and the Dreadnought, by Robert Wilton. Published Sharpe Books, Feb 2019. The year is 1910. Britain and Germany are racing for naval armaments superiority. The Dreadnoughts – possessors of large gun turrets providing uniform and overwhelming firepower – are the new British answer to the German threat. The Germans […]

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Leaving Europe: we’ve done that before

In 225AD a tall fair-haired woman called Julia Aurelianus lives in a pretty townhouse in Aquae Sulis (modern Bath). Julia is an independent woman of means, a cultured high-status aristocrat and a healer who works at the clinic attached to the temple of Sulis Minerva. She is an educated, sophisticated […]


Who’s not afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Readers who’ve been following our adventures through our travel blog will know that husband Peter and I have recently returned from six weeks haring round Europe on our trusty motorbike. What with finishing off the account of that long trip through twelve countries, unpacking, washing, ruefully surveying our moribund garden, and […]


Just One Damned Bestseller After Another!

If, like me, you’re already a fan of the wonderful Bristolian novelist Jodi Taylor, you’ll get my reference to one of her St Mary’s Chronicles series. St Mary’s is a research institution where historians research historical events in contemporary time. Yes, they time-travel. Although as Jodi cheerfully admits, she has […]


Murder in Deepest Devon

I’ve come a long way from the Malverns to conduct a bloodbath. My home for this week is the The Court in the tiny village of Sheepwash, Devon. Lovely hosts Debbie and Wendy run Retreats for You in this beautiful sixteenth century townhouse, mainly for writers, but anyone in need […]

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The other side of the hill

This blog is usually about my writing, or other authors I love. In case you’re steeling yourself for the crushing disappointment of not hearing about my latest publication, relax.  There will be links to my new anthology at the end. We writers tend to live in a fantasy world of […]