The Governor’s Man

‘Vivid prose, gripping mystery and a constant sense of adventure: this Roman Britain is richly textured and immediately alive.’ Robert Wilton

Roman Britain. 224AD.

When silver from the Emperor’s mines goes missing, Roman Imperial Investigator Quintus Valerius returns to Britannia. The province where his brother died in front of him, and his career in the Praetorian Guard abruptly ended. It is one of the last places in the Empire the investigator wishes to be posted.

With his assistant Tiro, a native Briton, Valerius uncovers a conspiracy of fraud and rebellion. The plot involves a resurgence in Druid activity — and potential witnesses are murdered.

Trust is a commodity that’s scarcer than silver. Even the investigator’s former lover, Lady Julia, seems connected to the crimes.

Valerius begins to piece together clues that reveal a shocking truth — and cast a terrible light on his own past.

The two soldiers now have a frantic race across country with a handful of allies, in a final battle to prevent the loss of more than just silver.

The fate of Britannia is at stake.