It’s officially autumn. Even our sunflowers have wrapped shawls round their heads against the October chills.

I can personally vouch for the season’s change, having caught the Great-Grandmother of all colds nearly four weeks ago. It kept me in bed for a fortnight, and then ruined a week’s holiday in the Dordogne, especially when my Beloved also fell prey to the virus and couldn’t drive us home. We were a menace on four wheels as we wobbled our way back to the Channel, cutting our trip short and coughing a bug-filled hurricane over every passing French person.

Never mind – still alive, back home and recovered enough to be writing. And some good news last month really helped to hold the virus at bay: my (part-written) novella A Grassy Knoll has attracted the attention of a British publisher. I sent the first chapter of this althistory+ SF thriller off to them with an outline, and now they’ve asked to see more. I won’t name names yet out of superstition – but if a contract for publication eventuates, you’ll be the first to know!

in-a-flash-cover-shotIn the meantime, here as promised is the link for my latest anthology publication, available in paperback from Lulu. I have two stories in this anthology, ‘Red Riding Hood’ which first appeared last year online in EverydayFiction; and a new story, ‘Grand Bazaar’. I re-wrote this to suit the anthology, which is a YA Horror, quite a new genre for me. I like to think the chills are subtle…

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