Being terminally cheeky, I recently wrote to BBC Radio Somerset to solicit a mention for my locally-set novel, The Governor’s Man. The lovely Charlie Taylor graciously offered me a live interview on his evening show on 12 July. Sadly, on the day he was pinged and had to go into self-isolation. But all was not lost — amazing presenter Trish Campbell stepped into his shoes at very short notice, and the interview was back on.

I was a bag of nerves, but I shouldn’t have been. I was in great hands. BBC Somerset’s excellent producer Josh called me around 8pm, set everything up, and then suddenly I was broadcasting live to Somerset with Trish. And we had such a blast! Trish was enthusiastic, amazingly knowledgeable (turned out she too is a fan of Roman history) and truly professional. As you would expect.

I really enjoyed the whole experience, and was so chuffed to be invited back next year to talk about the second book in the series.

Just got to write it first.

So here’s the interview with Trish (fast forward to the timemark):

BBC Sounds 12/7/21: 2.16.47

And as a bonus, readings by YT from the book, broadcast on subsequent evenings:

BBC Sounds 13/7/21: 2.21.21

BBC Sounds 14/7/21: 2.25.12

The third reading hasn’t got a hyperlink but you can search on BBC Sounds till mid-August:

BBC Sounds 15/7/21 around 8.22 pm 2.22.10

Do come along to the Colwall Arts Festival, at St James the Great, Mill Lane, Colwall, just west of the Malverns on the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border.

It’s happening on 7/8 August, and among the delights will be stalls with arts, crafts, photography, and clothes. Plus live music and refreshments.

I’ll be there on the Saturday 11-5, selling my books, giving readings, and generally causing mayhem. It would be so nice to meet you!


  1. Fiona Forsyth

    Soooo wish I could come along to the arts festival! One of the things I’m looking forward to about coming back to the U.K.

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