I’m really quite an organised person; or as my beloved suggests, I’ll do any form of prevarication to avoid actual writing. So I keep a detailed record – using fab writers’ tool Duotrope – of all my stories and their current whereabouts.

Now please don’t be picturing the bereft little creatures,  dispatched shoeless and alone, doomed to wander forever in the big bad world.
I’m not that cruel, and I truly love every story I write (even if a surprising majority of publishers and competition judges don’t agree.) So I track each submission carefully, anxiously monitoring the progress of my small creations and weeping a little whenever they are rejected and sent back to Mummy unpublished.

This happens frequently.

But one person’s poison is another’s meat, fortunately, and every so often my little wanderers find a welcoming new home.

The most recent is my flash story Left, which has been chosen as a finalist in the 2017 Lancashire Authors Open Competition. I’m pretty pleased, as this story is actually a drabble – a story of exactly 100 words. I enjoy the discipline of producing a complete story in so few words, but it’s more work than it might seem from the final output. Each one accepted feels like a disproportionate triumph.

OK, Hemingway may have done even better with his fabled novel in six words: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Although it seems Hemingway may not actually have written this, despite the anecdote’s universal fame.

Never mind – I can assure you I did write Left, which has remained one of my favourites over the several years it has taken to get it published. I hope you’ll like it too.

You can read it for free, here on the Lancashire Authors website. Keep scrolling down: although my name heads the list of finalists, the story actually appears sixth on the list.

Enjoy – it won’t take long to read!

Writing Update


Publication of one of my longer SF stories,  entitled Heart’s Trust, is now back on track with tough but spookily correct editor and publisher Rosie Oliver. Rosie’s anthology SFerics2017 is expected in print later this year. More on that as edits progress.

Rosie’s an accomplished writer, too.  Cat-and-SF-fans,  take a look at Rosie’s book C.A.T.

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  1. Good job :). I love flash fiction too. Extracting as much meaning from as few words as possible is so much fun. I think the Hemingway story is apocryphal but I like it so choose to believe it’s true 🙂

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