Reader’s comments on Amazon:

“The Governor’s Man is an excellent read – but be warned, you won’t want to put it down until the end!” – Lynn J 

“An enthralling story, beautifully written.” – M E Holley

“it’s a stay-up-all-night fab read. Where’s the next!” – PNicholasR

“The historical detail is so real and the characters so vivid – I especially appreciated Jacquie Rogers’s strong females, Aurelia, Britta and the Lady Julia – that the reader is transported effortlessly into the Roman Britain of 224AD.” – Maggie Davies

“Jacquie Roger’s has built a wonderfully detailed and believable Roman Britain” – Dave

“A great storyline that has left me really looking forward to the next instalment in the trilogy!” – ArtGirl

“The gritty, dynamic and intriguing world of third century Roman imperial Britannia has been expertly brought to life by the author…I couldn’t put the book down.” – Rhod

“An absolutely brilliant book, recommended without restraint, and not to be missed…” – Pauline Ridel

“Couldn’t put this book down! It has intrigue, mystery, action, romance and of course all set in a fascinating backdrop of Roman Britain. ” – Miss Anna Wakeling

“What an unexpected surprise — a detective story set in Roman Britannia! I picked this title based on a friend’s recommendation and I’m glad I did. The history and geography lessons aside (both of which I love, by the way), the story itself really sucked me in.” – David Hoover

“I found the history excellent, the plot and characters compelling and the writing engaging. It’s a fun read that will keep you guessing. Ms. Rogers clearly did her homework. Can’t wait for the next book!” – Susan D Douglas

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