It’s taken a while, but I’m very happy that I’m about to be published in the UK – in a book! – for the first time in the science-fiction genre.

My short SF story “Two’s Company”, retitled as “Calypso Solo”, has recently won a competition run by publishers Arcadia. Alongside other winning SF and fantasy stories, my story will be published in an anthology, simultaneously in paperback and as an ebook. Hopefully in time for lots of sales in the Christmas run-up!

Here’s a snippet from the beginning to whet your appetite…

Extract from Calypso Solo

Calypso Mission Log: Landing Day +3. Log recorded by Psych Officer/Biologist Emily Harris

Crash landing on Calypso. Cause: lateral engine failure. Dead on impact: Mission Commander Jenkins, Science Officer Wu and Medical Officer Buczynski. Engineering Officer Adams and I were thrown clear. Dave has broken ribs and a bad leg injury. I have a deepish but clean cut to the right thigh, now stitched and healing; no other injuries.

The dead crew were buried with curtailed rites, as Dave needs constant attention. Burial ground is north of the Hab site, makeshift grave markers in place.

Have commenced Hab assembly, slow work on my own. Damaged lander is providing shelter for now. Oxygen/nitrogen mix is close to Earth normal, and though air temperature is low, dipping at night, I have used GrowZone insulation to maintain the lander environment to barely adequate.


Hab complete; salvageable kit transferred from lander. Hydroponic GrowZone oriented to south of Hab. Water production online. The soil here is dry, colours more to the red/blue part of the spectrum than on Earth. When dry, shades of lavender and pink predominate, when it’s wet almost purple. The air is so dry at this season on Calypso, in the mornings I can see clear across the plain to the surrounding hills, colour of bruised plums.

Dave is in sick bay. Mostly dozing, has been speaking in confused snatches. Now unconscious; high fever; red raw puffy skin round his compound leg fracture. Giving him antibiotic shots, but he really needs major surgery.

I’m no surgeon!” 

Where can I buy this entertaining read, I hear you ask? Watch this space, and my FB account; I’ll post and blog the publication date and links when the book is launched.


Copyright 2015 J S Rogers

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