Left, one of my non-genre drabbles, was a finalist in the Lancashire Authors Association’s Open Competition 2017 .

You can read all 100 words on their website.

UPDATE 2021 The passage of time has apparently eroded the link; here is the Drabble anyway:

He was gone when I got home. No note. Just an empty wardrobe and blank
shelves. Hifi taken. A stain of old oil in the silent garage.
He did leave dirty underwear and T-shirts in the laundry. He always wore a T-
shirt in bed.
A hot black hole bloomed in my chest. 18 years is a long time. He could have said
something. Wet salt stung my eyelids.
Bleep. Where’s that phone?
Text: ‘Soz Mum, forgot to leave a note. A place came up at uni. Back for Xmas. X’
A chocolate cake for Christmas then: he hates fruitcake.”