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The other side of the hill

This blog is usually about my writing, or other authors I love. In case you’re steeling yourself for the crushing disappointment of not hearing about my latest publication, relax.  There will be links to my new anthology at the end. We writers tend to live in a fantasy world of […]


Surviving BristolCon

BristolCon, the annual SF and fantasy convention for the south-west, has warped through and swept me up in its wake. Off I tottered last Saturday (just on a single crutch, getting bolder now) to the Bristol Doubletree Hotel, transformed for the day into a galaxy far, far away. Rubbing shoulders […]

Blog, Books, Short stories

SF Success

It’s taken a while, but I’m very happy that I’m about to be published in the UK – in a book! – for the first time in the science-fiction genre. My short SF story “Two’s Company”, retitled as “Calypso Solo”, has recently won a competition run by publishers Arcadia. Alongside […]